The LCDT1 is a simple blood test that detects early stage lung cancer with high accuracy.

What is LCDT?

The LCDT1 is a simple blood test that allows for detection of early stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).This device is expected to have an accuracy of 95.6%, a sensitivity of 89.1%, and a specificity of 97.7%. In other words, the LCDT1 will detect at least 89 of 100 patients with NSCLC (or that 11 of 100 patients with NSCLC may not be detected). Furthermore, at least 97 of 100 patients who has the disease will be diagnosed as positive for NSCLC (or that 3 of 100 patients without the disease may test positive for the disease).

How Can I Order the LCDT1?

Your doctor can order the test if they suspect that you may have lung cancer. You will get your blood drawn at the hospital lab. The plasma is separated and shipped overnight to our CLIA-Certified laboratory. The plasma sample is evaluated for 21 biomarkers. The results of these biomarkers in conjunction with our proprietary algorithm will provide a high risk (positive) or low risk (negative) result for NSCLC. The test result will be sent to your doctor who will discuss your results with you.



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PRECAUTION: The LCDT1 is an adjunctive device and should not be used without an independent clinical/radiological evaluation. The LCDT1 is not intended to be a screening test or to determine whether a patient should proceed with surgery. Incorrect use of the LCDT1 Test carries the risk of unnecessary follow-up procedures and/or delayed diagnosis.

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